888 vs skyline

these are both very great yoyos ikn its just i cant devide which one. im curious how the H-shape of the skyline to the 888 differs that much. im just asking peoples oppions of these 2. thank you

Answer this first:

What size do you prefer?



Maintain or mod?

Does color matter?

What types of trick do you do?

Price range?

Skill level?

And this is samad’s list but I can’t find it so I typed it in my own words.

Opinions and shape differences.

The shape difference is just the H. It concentrates weight on the rim, which makes it spin longer, but not much more.

i own a BvM ogopogo ikn its a smaller size and i really like it ive been yoyoing for quite awhile in the master…and im just looking to get another expesially with hubstacks. and so will the skyline spin longer then the 888 since the H-shape?

It will depend on your throw more than anything.

Just go for the shape you like better/what seems more comfortable to you.

I had this same question when I first joined lol. I agree with Kim-lan, if you like the shape of the 888 or skyline then go for it! And the sleep time is all depending on your throw, I got a M1 thinking it would make a sleep time longer and it did sleep more then my legacy but after 2 weeks I tried my legacy and I got a 1 min. sleep time. It’s not much compared to others but it still impresses my classmates ;D