888 spin off comparisons?

so after reading the 888 thread i wanted to ask if the boss,the dna,and the mutant dna play like a 07 888 or another run?

No two yoyos play the same. They’re all different.

I bet two Cliffs play pretty similar. Dare I say identical. :stuck_out_tongue:

OP - no, none of those play alike.

well what play similar to the 07 888?

An 08 888.

anything that i can buy from yoyoexpert shop ant not bst (nothing against bst but my mail has a reputation for misplacing my shipments to my family)

YoYoExpert orders also come in the mail. haha

with me shipping not recieving

what is good?

a lot of people appear to judge by resale value not performance.

the 07 888 was great for these people.

performance wise the 2011 and classic 888s were arguable much better performing yo-yos, an argument you can have without me please.