888 Help


Hey there,

I am was looking at getting a DV888 2012 splash, but i noticed that where i buy from has the 888X Pro-Pack and 888XI. I was wondering how do these differ from each other?

Just for some background I have played a YYJ Atmosphere for the past few years and I do like the feel for it and I heard that a DV888 was a good all metal upgrade. Anything else you could recommend would be helpful.

Thank you in advance,


the differences between the 2010 and the 2011 model is weight, gap size, feel, etc… i personally like the 11 model 1000x more than the 10 model. instead of getting a Dv888 i would suggest a DI base. they play MUCH better than the Dv888 in my opinion. You could also consider looking at the Duncan Raptor, plays very well to, and cheap!


Dv888 is a great FIRST metal but it’s great!