888.11 First thoughts

Okay, so I recieved my 888.11 in the mail today and it’s awesome.
Undersized like my dv888, hubstacked like my pgm, excapt a trillion times better. Jason Lee’s art is a great addition. The rounded shape feels really perfect in my hand. I even feel it’s up to par with the '07 888! Great at grinds, too. Got 3:47 sleep time with a meh throw, not that it really matters at this point. I absolutely don’t regret getting this yoyo one bit. It even comes with a cool little YYF yoyo holster!



It came with aholster? Is it the same $5 holster yye sells? I gotta get an 888 now. Oh man I wanna coil holster 

yeah! same as the yyf black holster they sell. Also, it comes with yellow string which looks sick against the deep blue.

now i feel like buying one but im still waiting for the poo and irony from werrd

Thanks for the review. Any more in-depth would be great. I’m wanting to pick one of these up today or tomorrow. My favorite through right now is an 888 b stock. Not sure what year it is though.