7068 DNA for responsive play?


Does anyone have experience with the 7068 DNA? I’m intrigued about it is for responsive play. Ideally, it would have a snappy, almost fixed axle response (to steal Ed’s measure - something that can do Spirit Bomb and Shoot the Moon on consecutive throws), assuming that is possible on a responsive.



I haven’t played with one, but…

The shape: Looks right.

The weight: May be a bit over what most would prefer.

The 1/2 spec: Sometimes 1/2 Spec, is not best for string tricks. I do have a couple of yo-yos that do fine for that with a 1/2 spec. They both use Cabal guts, however.

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I have a 7068 DNA. When I got it, it came with the half-spec bearing installed. Response was snappy and came back whenever I wanted. Anything else you want to know about?


i have 2… i love this guy for responsive play. snappy and fun… i haven’t even turned this one unresponsive. i’ve been regularly bouncing between this and theo