7 GREAT THROWS! GLEIPNIR, MASTER GALAXY and others!!! 250 OBO takes them all!


Not looking for any trades (unless you have an hpi drift rc) or individual buys, im kinda done with the yoyo scene. But hey, that gives you the chance to buy my whole collection!!! 250 OBO takes it! Whats in this collection?
Yoyorecreation Gleipnir. Dead smooth, but ano is in bad shape.
C3 Master Galaxy dead smooth. Only a few small nicks
Yoyofactory triple 8 smooth as heck. A few scrapes.
Magic yoyo t5 overlord. Ok throw i guess. A few nicks.
A really nice gold one! To be honest i forgot what that one was, but i think it was called a lynx? Its a sweet throw! Super floaty. Two really small scuffs. Hardly noticable
And a popstar. Come on. You know you love em.

Hit me up!!! I attached pictures, i hope that worked. Its been years since ive gotten on this site so please forgive me! Thanks


More pics


More pics

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