Great Throws for Sale!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I’m very sad to see these go! But I do of course have too many yoyos at hand, and too little money.

*These are FOR SALE only!

*I only accept cash through PAYPAL

For international shipping I’ll add approximately $5.


Cold Metal Nanoblaster (Raw) - Has 2 scuffs, one on each half, very minor. Plays smooth. Factory shmooved with flowable silicone. [$45 Shipped]

Hspin Gorylla - A couple scuffs and marks. Nothing serious. Plays PERFECTLY smooth. Amazing. Comes with a KK! [$65 Shipped]

YYJ Atmostphere (Blue) - A couple scratches on the rims. Don’t affect play much. Fantastic throw. I believe it is the newer version, since there’s a hole on each side to the axle instead of a nipple (not pictured). Caps are still installed. [$25 Shipped]

Only Trades I’m Looking For:

-Red w/ White paint strokes Pre-pro Spyy Punchline

  • YYF c13 Silver w/ Black inside

All or the worst damage is shown in the pictures, if any!

Again I only accept payments through Paypal.

Send me a PM if you’re interested! Thanks! :slight_smile:

i will trade any yoyo that i have (and i have lots) for the envy and the pyro

ill offer $70 for the void!!! can i see the pic of the gash???

ill trade u a hatrickrare red and gray for the ILYY Josy Ann

The Hatrick is in his favorite yoyo list, so he probably already has a Hatrick, or his friend has one.

He only want $