$60 for a throw

I have 65 dollars and looking for a throw thats 66g or higher with a h/v shape, nice grind surface,stable and speedy good for horizontal and I can do horizontal finger grinds I am currently looking at the yyo brave and auro also the yyj theory

I have the capless btw

The theory fits your description perfectly.

FG Avalanche from clyws website, bought on elast night, best deal you will get is a fg clyw, they are cheap and nearly the same as spending 150$

Sounds about right to me.

I’d be on it if they had a FG Arctic Circle. :wink:

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I agree.

You may not like the theory if you’re looking for a speedy 66g throw.

You can’t go wrong with an OG Avalanche! Who cares if it’s a FG, it’s still a great throw and for the price you can’t beat it. Also, check out Magic YoYo’s on ebay, you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you haven’t thrown one. I recommend a T5; $13 dollars shipped and it plays better than a lot of my $100 dollar throws.

For $65 you can get a YYJ inspire I absolutely love mine a great design it has. On another hand a Di Base for $55 is good too it’s really smooth for grinds and it’s fine for horizontal. But if you really want that H shape just go for a proto or northstar.

Yep I have to agree with the majority, when I saw your your post the FG Avalanche was the first thing that pop in my head. Well if that if you want to buy new and if that not something you like maybe you can consider getting a Werrd Hour but they don’t have any in stock. That if you don’t mind searching the BST probably get one on BST for 40-45 dollars. Hope that helps

I saved the 65 for the fg ava but sadly exhausted my resources so cant get the 15 for shipping TT_TT

Just gonna say; you can get a gfunk for 50 bucks from the champions collection.

How bad is the vibe? I have been looking at buying one for a week.

Just tried out the FG Avalanche (the solid black looks killer, as a side note)… this is… an incredible throw for the price. I don’t think you could easily beat it.

The vibe is super minimal… 9 times out of 10 if I feel any vibe at all, it’ll be the vibe I induce with a bad throw rather than the wee bit of vibe inherent in the yoyo itself.

So tempted…

It ought to be a minimal vibe because they even suggest the possibility of being able to tune it out.
CLYW is boss :wink:

the werrd hour isnt the best for grinding, but its insanely good for 60 dollars 8)