5a yoyo

What are you guys’ favorite 5a throws? I’m ok at 5a and looking to improve. Hoping to have relatively cheap suggestions. :slight_smile:

Upgraded Classic is really good.

Anything with lots of rim weight, H or V shape, and a low gap wall is great. (Also full or oversized helps).

Scroll around and see what catches your eye :slight_smile:

Right now I’m using a diffusion, but I just want to try other throws. Have you ever used a yyf severe?

The plastic? Those are nice (I have).

Diffusion is awesome, but I would be afraid of cracking it every time I drop it (if they do crack)

Yeah they do crack! Mine has one. :frowning: is delrin less easy to crack?

My teammates from Yoyofficer team really like Musket for 5A.

For sure.

2012 Genesis and Dymension have faired me well.

space cowboy