5A Music!?

What would you guys recommend I use for a 5A freestyle?

The song that would make you dance.

So, nothing? I don’t dance :wink:

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^^ check this out :wink: https://www.youtube.com/user/nyuualiaslucy

Well, those are interesting

Any other recommendations?

Same type of song you would use for 1a.

But I have a slow, technical 1A style and a fast 5A style.

is alone together fast enough??

I don’t really think it matters. You can make most tricks fit most songs. If you find a good song, don’t pass it up because it “doesn’t match your style”. Of course, this is not a hard and fast rule to live by; just don’t feel pressured to “fit the music to your style”. If think its fun, go ahead, but it isn’t necessary IMO.

Remember, don’t complicate things. Lots of strategy and planning goes just so far; at the end of the day, its about how you make your tricks that day.

True dat, bro. :smiley:

I just find it easier to put my tricks to music that fit me.