5A Legacy

I have been getting into 5A and my Dark Magic is getting pretty beat’ up. I’m going to my local yo-yo store tomorrow and I was wondering what you would prefer for 5A. For preferences, all I’m gonna say is that I love my DM. So, in a way this is a poll. What’s your favorite 5A throw? ;D


Get a legacy. Its perfect!

If you can buy online then get a wedgie.

If your low on cash I would go w/ a Die-Nasty, for $17 you can’t beat it and the center track bearing is SICK!!! I’m not just saying this because its Steve Brown’s, it’s a really good throw.

Its just a stackless pgm so of course its good.

I loved my Die-Nasty… Was my main 5A throw… Now Im using a legacy for 5A… It works…

PGM v2… Legacy is also one of my favorites for 5A too.

die-nasty , counter-atk , atmosphere , pgmv2

I love the Bully for 5A. It’s got a nice weight, it’s stable, and is just an all around great throw.

ive found it doesnt feel as heavy during 5a than it does doing 1a, i love it for both though

Well, I use a Prototype Bully, which is about 70 grams. It’s a perfect weight for me!

since you like the dm you should get legacy
dm v legacy= very similar

PGM V.1, Stackless, IMO better than the stacked one.

I use a kickside and it works fine.