5A: In your opinion...

I am getting a 5A throw. Before I say what it is, I would like some of you to answer this poll. Please reply with your answer. Thanks.

Good 5a throw is whatever you like for 1a and don’t mind hitting the ground here and there

What’s your price range and are you buying new or used?

A nice 5a yoyo must have (in my opinion):

V or H Shape (or at least not tilt)

Low gap wall

Lots of rim weight

You should also use something you don’t mind dropped :wink:

I love the FG Avalanche.

The new YYF Space Cowboy fits this with its low wall and steel rims giving it pretty good spin times and stability…


I wouldn’t wanna drop it though lol…

any comfortable, stable throw is good for 5a. Personally, I find the comfortable part to mean a little more. I have extremely long fingers, just saying. For me, the genesis is one of the only yoyos I can use for 5a and not have a sore hand after a while

Either a duncan torque or a japanese yoyo with your price range. Perhaps something from yoyomonster? They make extremely good 5A throws, even their budget model like the material or astrology.

My price range is about $100 and I am buying new. Size doesn’t matter. I just picked up a Dymension, despite the poll results. I got it for half off new, so I thought I’d take it. Anyways, I will now use this pool to pick which one I get next. SuperNova looks like the biggest one, which is what I plan on getting. This poll may change my mind. :smiley:

Diamont Noir Celestial Ampoule!

I think they still have the 2013 citrus luis genesis in stock which is in the $100 range

Bet that would get better pole results

Also think the torque is worth checking out