5a genesis trouble

Hey guys I’ve recently decided to use my genesis for 5a, since I’ve built up the courage to use it for 5a without dinging it. It works great, much better than my protostar or pgm for 5a. It is a little heavy, and. Have to use a heavier counterweight. (how do I see people use a spin top button with a genesis??) the only problem is when I bind and return, the yoyo bangs against my thumb and it hurtssssss. I can’t see what I’m doing wrong. Is it just because of my small hands? Does it happen to u guys? Is it just something to get used to? What’s a good cw for the genesis? I’m just using one of my home made cw’s since it’s the heaviest one I can find. Any tips? I might be able to video tape myself and post it.

catch the yoyo in the curve between your pointer finger and your thumb. You normaly have too tilt your thumb towrds the ground.