5A Basic Stall help ;)

So i m trying to learn some basic 5A just to mix it up a bit. I got the 360,720 and reverse 360/720 down pretty quick. But now i m at the basic stall, I have a really hard time keeping the momentum up so the CW goes around and stays stable, also at the point were the CW comes around and wraps around the yoyo once my CW always goes around multiple times and causes the yoyo to snag up, and i cant seem to find the correct balance so the CW goes around but also doesnt wrap around the yoyo to often. can someone help me? i gues its a case of me not beeing able to control the momentum, in the tutorial he talks about shifting the weight on to the middle finger, but i dont really know how to do that or what exactly he means by that. hope someone can help me.

What yoyo?

i used my genesis for the most time, but now i use my barracuda

The length of the string and the mass of the counterweight are important for control. Using shorter string and a lighter counterweight make it easier to have control. What counterweight are you using? I would recommend the Duncan blue ball since it is lighter.


if you watch when he gets the counterweight to stop there is a subtle motion in the direction of the CW. This stop’s the momentum of the counter weight.