5A Pinwheel CW control

After learning most of the 5A tutorials on YYE (one handed mount wait to hard for me at the moment) I decided to go and learn some harder 5A stuff off of Miguel Correa’s website, and already on 5A pinwheel I’m having issues with Counterweight control in general. Does anyone have any tirps for Counterweight control and any exercises I can try out to help me gain control?

I’m not great at it yet, but I’ve learned that the longer the string is to the counterweight from where it’s spinning then the slower it will go. So try to do the pinwheel with the yoyo a bit closer to your hand. Also, try only doing one at a time, and land in a trapeze. Then later try more by catching the cw and pulling it toward you while the yoyo goes around. I hope this helps.

I’m also literally just starting off 5A, and I noticing me almost hitting myself in the head often. However, I guarantee with more practice, you’ll get better. Do whatever you are learning (in this case the pinwheel and just overall CW control), and you WILL get better, I promise that.