5A arials

does any one know how to do a 5A arail release like Augies Fash?

Throw a World Tour and release the yoyo and counterweight into the air. Catch the die as it comes down. Or you can mount it but that is a little harder.

YEah… This is a trick where you need to go out into the yard and just let go… Good luck man

I would suggest using some little plastic to start, I’ve got a few dings on my lyn from these. haha 8)

I recommend using celcon yo-yos for this trick and a Silicone response yo-yo (hybrid snags).

Do the trapeze undermount (get into it through some kind of counterweight movement like bee sting) and then just toss it up.

cool, thanks, guys!!

and try this

That was the funniest yoyo video I’ve ever seen. Lots of good jargon and crazy kinda guys in there!