5a advancing


Hey guys i am stuck in 5a right now i got bored with 1a so i am taking a break i dont really know how to advance in 5a i can do meltdown tangler the basic stuff and one advance trick but i dont know where to go ???

here is my latest video(my only)

Someone please help! :frowning:

(Owen) #2

Learn bee sting.


took me about 2 years to learn the tangler

yea, learn bee sting, double or nothing 5A version, stuff like that, you still have plenty of tutorials on this site.

but then 5A is all about freedom and creating your own tricks

(Chase Baxter) #4

Watch Miggy’s tutorials. I think his site is called DefinitiveYoYoing or something like that.


they’re actually on YYE

(Chase Baxter) #6

His new ones?


Nope, Chase is right on this one, Miggy’s new tutorials are pretty good.

I know they’re on YouTube somewhere, and DefinitiveYoYoing sounds right.


Check it out here:

Lots of other goodies there as well. Mostly likes to YouTube videos. I’m downloading those right now.

(Mitch) #9

I’d recommend shortening your string a little bit. Also, what I like to do is WATCH TONS OF VIDEOS…

For real. I like to pick out a cool trick and then try to break it down and learn it just from watching. It’s hard, but very rewarding.

Some recommendations.

Nate Sutter,

Miggy/Tyler (Studio Session stuff ((Especially the early stuff)) is just chalked fulla inspiration.)


one of my all time favorites, easily understandable too


Wow… That was crazy…


wait til you see that one

mindblowing, to me, this is the future of 5A


I knew that, i just dont really know the elements of creating tricks

Also whoever come to pyyc on thursday please show me some 5a!


this is awesome … i am starting 5a!!! btw hadoq I have seen your videos … you got some nice combos as well ;D

(Owen) #15

I’ll show you some of my 5a I can do!

(Chase Baxter) #16

I would show you some 5A too, but I don’t know how to do it :stuck_out_tongue:


Lies. Dirty, dirty lies.

(Owen) #18

Yeah Chase maybe I can teach you sometime cause you havent been doing it for 2 years or anything.


watch Takeshi Matsuura’s video


yeaaaaa… no! there’s no point really, he’s the best in the world but by far, technically, but not the most interesting 5A player around.