5 years?

With all the new companies coming out, who do you think will be the leading ones in the next 5 years? Maybe ten years?
My money is on sengoku. They are by far the most innovative company I have seen.

do you guys think clyw will decrease in popularity?

It’s hard to say. It certainly wasn’t my intention to say anything like it. I meant out of the newer companies, who do you think will be on top.

Yoyofactory No Questions.
Recess Intl maybe.
Clyw only if they change their plans.
Sengoku for sure.
Duncan 10% chance.
Yoyojam 60% chance
One drop 100% chance.

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What do you mean by CLYW changing their plans? They’ve been one of the top companies for almost nine years now. I don’t think they have to change a bit. There’s enough companies catering to the people with low budgets.

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Ain’t no tellin.

Proceed with the speculation. Threads like these are always fun!

Tropic Spins, Axis, Amplified, and Recess

Don’t tell em (don’t tell em) you aint eeev (you ain’t eeeev) (you aint eeev) you ain’t even gotta tell em (don’t tell em)…

I hope Sengoku get the appreciation they deserve as they grow. They’re all action, no talk, and currently one of the frontrunners of the innovation game at the moment… and at a fair price. Can’t wait to see how their alumigo hard yoyo turns out. :slight_smile:

I can only imagine what they’ll be putting out in 5 years…

[i]“The new Sengoku Katana - 3d printed hollow carbon nanotube construction with liquid tungsten mag-lev floating weight rings and a ball-free liquid teflon bearing. All the performance of a full sized bimetal at only 22 grams!”


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Don’t listen to him, he has some sort of vendetta against anything made by CLYW

CLYW will OBVIOUSLY continue to kill it in the industry considering the stuff that they’re making is getting more and more attainable, and their quality and performance is increasing as well. Saying that arguably the most popular company needs to change their business is ignorant. They’re obviously doing something right or else they wouldn’t be so popular?

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I couldn’t tell’em

:notes:Yeah, I stay up late at night, thinking bout my life

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CLYW is doing just fine. Nothing needs to change.

YYF seems to be putting some sick throws out.

Really like OD yoyos. Hope to see some newer stuff coming.

That’s all I know. Seems like these 3 have been doing well and will continue to do so. Only time will tell.

my answer in this thread is I contingent on any bribes that come my way (which probably means I don’t have an answer, only seen one company rep on here that I know of and I highly doubt Amplified wants to bribe me for a meaningless forum answer but feel free to PM me if I am wrong, lol)

Huh? Lol. :smiley:

was saying I would boldly predict success for whatever company bribed me, sorry I realize it was a poorly executed joke, though feel free to bribe me still :stuck_out_tongue:

PM sent

Five years from now, my yo-yo will have its own instagram account and facebook page. When I hit a new trick, followers will receive a tweet as well as the video link to You-tube. You will be able to chat with me using a voice-activated interface to tell me what a great player I am. Yo-yo’s will be specified by dimension as well as processor/RAM combination. Intel will subsidize production with “Intel Inside” anodizing and marketing kick-backs to manufacturers.

OneDrop Side-Effects will come standard with Go-Pro video and will be connected to the Internet of Things to provide live 24/7streaming for those “in the know” who can watch me on the secret internet using a special locked-down browser that only the coolest cats can use.

My yo-yo case will post yo-yo’s that I do not use for 3 months or more to the YoyoExpert BST. When they are sold, the yo-yo itself, will arrange shipping and provide feedback on the proper forum.

Aw man, its gonna be so cool! I can’t imagine what will be happening in TEN years ::slight_smile:

Amplified Return Tops are going to be lookin’ good. :slight_smile: