5/29/13 survey Wednesday!

Survey Wednesday!

Faster or slower yoyos?

What is the most used app on your phone?

Where is your dream vacation?

Medium speed


Probably a long vacation in the philipines

I like slower yo-yos like how they are smooth
The YYE app other thank that angry birds space
Probably touring around Europe always wanted to go there.

medium speed

messaging app

dream vacation is a week in Hawaii with that special someone, or backpack Europe.

World Yoyo Contest, especially since its moving around the world now.

I tend to gravitate toward slower throws
iFunny is probably my most used app, or CoD Elite
WYYC, or perhaps to go back to Disney or New York City. Best places on earth!

Something that can handle everything!

What’s a phone? I don’t have a phone. :stuck_out_tongue:

Somewhere in hawaii, or KC for all the barbecue. ::slight_smile:

Somewhere in the middle

Instagram and Dilbert

Somewhere in Europe or Australia


Yoyoexpert Forums

Worlds if I can afford it:P


Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Back to Rome and spend more time at the Vatican.


Plants vs. Zombies

Some ridiculous luxury private beach with every need taken care of… delicious food with great selection, wonderful beers, wines, and cheeses… massage and chiropractor (I have a terrible back!) on-demand. At night it cools down just a little, but there’s a firepit at the ready… and enough private quarters that I can bring my friends and family but it’s also “OK” if we do our own thing for part of the day… get together at night for the food and live entertainment… The live band don’t care if my dad and I want to sit in with them and play a few songs.

Yup, I basically want to be independently wealthy. Is that so wrong?

Don’t get me wrong, I like cultural and adventure vacations, too; but if you asked me to pick only one kind of vacation, it would be the decadent, relaxing, slow-paced beach vacation.

Slower mostly with occasional zippy moods.
Facebook & Instagram
Train ride through Europe ending (after a short boat ride)
on a Beach in Greece!
Or a Motorcycle ride through the National Parks!


Yoyoexpert App, for Ipod if that counts ???


1 faster
2 Pandora
3 following furthur ( grateful dead ) from show to show around the country

  1. It’s more of a feel of things that respond the way I want them. I suppose I’d say faster.

  2. After Safari and Mail it’s probably Facebook or FIFA 12

  3. This honeymoon in Italy coming up is looking pretty good

Super fast!

Safari (so I can visit this site on the go)

Wyyc in Florida!

alien blue,yye app or robot unicorn attack 2
japan the land of yoyos and the slit mouth women

Right now, slower.

Bitcoin/Silver price widgets. If those don’t count, Tweetdeck.

Melbourne or London.

Medium Pace



Kinda in the middle

Yye or google chrome

A week going around Europe.