4XL For Trade...Also,Need Fast 201!

before I post anything, I just wanted to say that I have 54 positive feedback on another forum. Pm me if you want to see.

First off I need fast 201 caps (or the whole yoyo), because I lost my severe caps.

Also, I have a 4XL: Some light CW marks, otherwise mint. Comes with white Jimmy Hats, and the rest of the stack parts, 2 bearings, spacers, and a couple strings. plays amazingly.-$60 obo (add $2 for first class , $5 for priority)

If you buy me a Blue Protostar, and a fast 201 (from YYE) and get the 4XL and a throw monkey.

wants: condition doesn’t really matter.
GM2 (no first run)
Pair of protostars
Protostar+ $20