Trade only! *YYF Protostar* ***GONE Plz Archive***

Hey guys received a Green Protostar in a trade a few weeks ago, This is a great throw! But i wanted to try out a YYF Northstar. The Protostar comes with a SPEC bearing, no CT sry. Also i took the pads out and siliconed it, honestly it plays better with the silicone then the pads, When i got the yoyo, one of the pads was damaged and diddnt sit 100% snug, so it made some Vibe, so i took them out, i would have put new pads in it, but diddnt have any. So i put floable silicone in it, and like i said it plays so much better, Very very small vibe as most protostars do. Spacer that holds bearing out, may get loose or come out if u ever take the bearing out time to time, but most protostars do lol. No major Cracks/scraches, no dings or anything. Very clean throw. Looking for a good owner, like i said im looking to trade with a Mint YYF Northstar, i prefer Orange or White. If your feeling froggy if Yall have a Yuuksta, ill take that instead heheh ;D ;D ;D Thanks.