FS/FT: KLR, 4XL, YYF, YYJ and others!


Been throwing for quite some time and I happened to pick up a few yoyos over the years that just aren’t getting much love. Pictures can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/4cb2w

General Yo - KLR (half pink/half silver) Competition Grade, no engravings, MINT.
YYF - 2016 Superstar (blue) MINT
YYF - Aviator 2 (Gold) MINT
Werrd - 4XL (Clear coat) It has some very minor damage, nothing that effects play but can be noticed upon close inspection. Additional photos can be provided, but still very smooth.
One Drop - Rebirth (Brown) MIB
One Drop/CLYW - Summit (Green) MIB
YYR - Diffusion (Trans Black) MIB

I also have some older throws I’d like to add as cheaper options for any beginners or modders out there. These have been broken in a bit more than the ones above, weight rings could use some polish and some are missing caps but they are still perform just fine.

YYJ - Dark Magic II (Orange)
YYJ - Hitman (Pink) No caps
YYJ - Mini Mo-Tu (Blue)
YYJ - Mini Mo-Trix (White)
YYJ - Kaos (Red/Black Worlds 2007 ed.)
YYJ - Surge (Blue/White)
Buzz-On - Element X (Red) One decal pog missing
Duncan - Flying Squirrel (Orange/Black)

Mostly just looking for reasonable offers, prices will be added in a day or 2 depending on responses.
Possible trades I would be interested in include:
YYF - Yuuksta, Skyline
One Drop - Any MarkMont designs
Yomega - Prodigy
CLYW - Campfire, Bonfire, Fool’s Gold is also cool with me.
Open to trade options, I enjoy floaty and slightly undersized throws or just cash. Feel free to ask questions! I will do my best to respond in a timely manner. Thanks for looking!

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