Today I have for you ladies and gentleman a Werrd 4XL yoyo
Has minimal vibe, more noticeable with stacks
I like to play it naked, but hats (1 yellow and 1 black) will be included for hubstack play
Has a few dents but nothing that effects play strictly aesthetic damage
Dents can be sanded down and smoothed out upon request
I’d rate it an 8/10 (currently, 9/10 with dents fixed)

As far as trades go I’m mainly looking to try a One Drop: projects, p2s, markmonts (og and next) and Y factors
Other then that I love YYF B Grades, but of course it doesn’t have to be a reject :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve really been wanting to try a Skyline, 888, Yuuksta, Severe or Protostar
Damage most likely won’t be an issue unless it’s substantial
I’m very open to new throws so please offer ANYTHING

$45 (shipped with tracking, in states only)

more pics upon request
(geneses not for trade)

PM me with any offers or post, but PM would yield the fastest response


Bump for my old 4XL!


i will buy the 4XL


Sorry got a pending trade CLYW
And thanks for the bump Ben!

(system) #5