4th Of July Show!

ok, so my 4th Of July was pretty darn awesome! i had a show in Coshocton, Ohio.

a few weeks back i did a few shows at the 2010 Miss Ohio Pageant. it was one of the best times i have ever had. i got to meet some of the Miss Ohio contestants and talk about what their platform was and what they plan to do to make Ohio and the World a better place. and they of course asked me about yoyo’ing. the free hotel and food was a plus! :slight_smile:

so today i had my first show with the NEW 2010 Miss Ohio, Becky Minger. i actually got to sit down and talk to her and her father today for awhile. but the best part was teaching Becky how to yoyo. i was amazed of how quick she caught on. within a couple minutes she was throwing a solid Sleeper and getting it back to her without a problem. then i taught her Rock The Baby and she landed it within minutes. i was amazed. any bit of down-time we got from the show, she would be throwing around the yoyo. at the end of the show she gave me back my yoyo and told me she was gonna have to go buy one… so i just handed her the yoyo right back and told her to keep it.

i even got her to model a Onedrop Y-Factor!

other various pictures of the show:

it was a good time! much more shows and good times ahead. :slight_smile:


Smooth. It’d be awkward if Miss Ohio suddenly got so good that she became sponsored and then did that for the talent portion.

PS: What yo-yo was she trying out? Looks like glare from a Journey or a Duncan Plastic.

she is a great singer, and thats what she does in the talent portions at pageants. the funny thing is, i taught her the basics of yoyo’ing and a guy came up and asked her if she was going to yoyo for Miss America… she joked around with him and gave him a yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

she is throwing a Duncan Dragonfly. i ended up giving it to her and a few extra strings.

What a nice gift. You should’ve gotten her number. :stuck_out_tongue: