4A Whips

So I’ve been getting into 4A these last few days. I seem to be catching on pretty quick and I think it’s really fun. A nice change after playing tons of 1A. Here’s my situation.

I’ve got good passes and catches. Can do a few tricks such as leg wraps (still getting these down good though). What’s really bugging me is whip catches. I can do them okay, probably catching the yoyo 40% of the time. However, when I do catch the yoyo the string has a single twist in it directly above the yoyo. No matter how I throw it there seems to be a twist.

Videos are out of the questions because dial up. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Eh.

Thanks guys.

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that just means that of the two strings that your looping over the yoyo, the one on the outside of your hand is catching. if you catch the yoyo on the other string, there should be no wraps

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ok i think i know what ur prob is. is the string twisted so when you go to bind fromm the whip you would have to bind a different way like a breakaway bind in 1a? this happened to me (because i just started a few days ago) but what you need to do is make sure your hand is parralel to your yoyo. so that your holding the loop down with your fingers facing the yoyo. then just let the yoyo fall into the loop. it takes some understanding but you can pm me if you need help. just sit down and analyze the stuation and hold the yoyo still while whiping the string like you would but just hold the yoyo and youl see what youve got to do.

Make sure the string closest to you is catching the yoyo. This applies to both over hand whips and underhand whips. :slight_smile:

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But not bridge and cast whips. If you catch the yoyo, you should catch it on the pinky string. If you whip the string over and into the yoyo (only on an overhand whip) the thumb string should catch it. That’s why I’m worse at overhand whips now.