4A Trick Thingy

Lim Aik Hwee is one of the best offstringers out there and he does this cool trick. He first does the trick at :25 when he just throws the string out there and it snags on the yoyo. How do you do it?


You should enjoy watching the whole video cause he has some major skill.

He’s the best 4a player I’ve ever seen. Wow. And to practice that trick, I learned on an Aquarius because of its small gap but now I can do it on a Big Yo. Basically you just pretend you’re throwing a ball underhanded and make sure the string goes into the yo-yo’s gap. Make sure the string goes into the gap not too close to the end, but not too close to you. You want there to bet just enough for it to start wrapping around and bring the yo-yo up, but not so much that it will snag on your next throw.

maongo said it all yuo just whip the string from the bottom and it will bind

It’s called a whip catch.

A whip catch is when you whip the yoyo. He does some sort of bind.


Just to try to help, I think they are called open whip catches.

I can get the string into the gap but the string won’t snag the yoyo.

I have the same problem.

You have to snap your wrist when it is in the gap, just jerk is up. The more the string in the gap, the better.

what yoyo


just practice

I have and I got it. Thanks guys!