4a Tutorial - Competition Combo #1a

I’ve started filming my 4a competition combos.  Here is part one of two.

Nice vid, thanks for the tut. I really like how flowy it is. I get a knot after the boing following the roll, thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

Also ive never used a glove in 4a before, thoughts on the differences?

P.s. thanks for getting me into 4a at worlds this year. I’ve really gotten into it since.

If you send me a video of what you are doing I can try to troubleshoot for you (mryoyothrower@gmail.com)
I use a glove for boings (cuts down on string burn) and for finger grinds (plastic throws don’t grind as well as metal).
Happy to have converted someone to the Joy of 4a!

I solved the issue for myself. I was doing something weird with my strings and rolling onto a different string.
I realize now after a day or two of using gloves how useful they are. Thanks for the opinion on gloves and being willing to help fix my user error.

Any time! I’m glad you worked it out!