4a / Offstring Tutorial - The Lumberjack

Feedback is always appreciated, on this and my other tutorials.


Excellent tutorial. Good explanations, clear focus, good angles. Keep em coming! We really need some good 4A tutorials :wink:

Lol, I know. The problem is I’m out of material. Back to watching the Pro’s and stealing thier stuff.

Awesome, I have been throwing 4A alot lately and its cool seeing tuts for tricks that are a little more advanced. This trick might be hard for me to learn with the large offstrings I have, time to dust off the hayabusa ;D

have a big yo and small hands

Lol, trade it for a smaller Yo, or Trade your hands for bigger hands. For the record, I can do these tricks with my big yo…once in 10 tries, lol.

Seriously people, someone else post something for me to learn!!!