4a Journey

Just ordered a Fiesta XX to learn 4a on and start my journey.

What are your favourite tricks or some good 4a videos to look at?
What did you find to be the most useful advice for learning 4a?
Favourite moments in 4a?

Share your story…

Hurt my finger, learned 4A and 5A stuff. Didn’t do well in either but had fun.

Barrel rolls are fun as is the sun. YYE videos were great! Don’t have skills to get past that for 4A right now. Focusing on not sucking so hard in 1A!

The Fiesta XX is an amazing off-string, but for some reason I’ve been collecting Aquarius. I have 4, that’s enough!

i know josh yee on youtube has a great tutorial on how to do flow pops! a great trick that sadly is not covered here on yoyoexpert. i believe his youtube is called minimotu

Do behind-the-back catches. It gave me great satisfaction when I did that.

amazing trick to learn. Really gives a sense of accomplishment!

Since you’re just starting out I suggest you visit the offstring portion of the learning section here at yoyoexpert and these links.


My personal favorite trick right now is Eiji Regen, despite me not fully getting the tossing back out part yet.  :stuck_out_tongue: And if you want some videos to look at, just PM me. I’ve got a ton of videos I can show.  :slight_smile:

So I got my Fiesta XX today and have been playing all day, well as much as I can fit in. The basic throw is one of the hardest “tricks” ever. I just don’t see how to get a good throw with it, guess it is practice. I am having a lot fun though, favourite style by far.

So far I have done toss and catch, barrel rolls, sun and suicide. So coming on nicely.

Might have to take you up on that offer, really liking offstring.

This channel is absolutely amazing! They have tons of tutorials by ben conde himself, here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/YoYoExpert
And you will love the yoyo! I got my Fiesta XX at worlds this year and couldn’t stop playing it in my hotel room all night

Thank you.
That must of been one very loud night :smiley:

Haha ya I bet the next door people were upset. Plus I was at the world yoyo contest,how could I sleep?

I have a YYJ Big yo, and the original Fiesta…Working on regens and whip catches are my current thing. I will look at the vids for soem help…But yeah, great to see another 4A thrower… It feels like there are very few 4a yo-ers these days.

Yeah there do seem to be a lack of 4a throwers though I do think this could likely be my mains style after watching Ben Conde 2011 Worlds.

my first day of offstring:
Throw, drop, throw, drop, throw, drop.

Right now I’m using an Aquarius. I almost got down “swagger”. Just got shoulder whip a while ago.

Have fun