4A Bind Questions

I’m getting a little better at 4A after my first week. My question is about binds. Both one hand and two binds yield similar results. About one out of three times I’ll get a snag when I make the follow up throw. When I look close at the snag what I find is that the tail has twisted two or three times around the throw side of the string. The tail looks like a snake climbing up a pole or the stripe on a candy cane. When this twist winds around the bearing it is very unlikely to release on the next throw. Depending on the type of throw I get a rap on the NTH knuckles or a knock on the skull. I’m sure it is technique but I’m open to any guidance. I’ve only see 4A on video so never in person. It is very addicting.

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Saw no response to this so I thought I’d take a crack at it.

It really comes down to binding cleanly. Movements should be crisp and followed through if necessary so that the tail is guided more than just floating out there to be snagged by chance.

The less extra tail the better. This gets easier with practice and as you get used to the yo-yo and the string length. Obviously if you misjudge there’s the chance of completely missing the bind, so don’t go too far with this.

And you should also make sure that you’re directing the tail around the yo-yo in the direction of spin.

Good luck! I just got a new Icebreaker in January and I love it.

Edit: I see that you found this thread:

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Thanks for the reply and the advice. I’ll put them into practice. I also picked up an Icebreaker last month. I hope it is okay to mention this here. There is a 4Asunday thread on Reddit. Just a small group going to go through a trick a week together. Starting with Throw and Bind for this week.

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