44RPM Moon Flatpack YoYo

Anyone get one of these yoyo’s? Something that Hank Freeman and Drew Tetz came up with. I’ve been watching Drew’s videos with this yoyo, and the kendama also, for some time. Was waiting for them to be released, looked really cool.

However, when they released I was NO WHERE NEAR a computer, and by the time I was they were all sold out :’(

So I emailed Drew this morning, asking if they happened to have any that didn’t get posted. It was a long shot. Drew emailed me back and let me know that unfortunately they sold out, and sold out a lot faster than they thought they would.

About 30 minutes later Drew emailed me again and said that in fact there were a few extra that they didn’t post! I saw his email about 45 minutes after he posted so I thought they were going to be gone again, but went to the site and they were still there! So I’ve got one of the Moon YoYo’s on the way!

If anyone else is looking to get one, or the kendama, here is the link: http://44rpmshop.com/

If you read this, Thanks again Drew!

you’ll dig it. they’re super-cool.
i have a couple of the older ones (plus a sweet special one). drew’s the raddest.

Very cool Ed!

What’s the engraving on your assembled one?

I’m contemplating getting one. They look totally cool and fully customizable. Plus, with my fixed axle fever, it’s hard to keep me from something like this. I’m hoping at least one is left when I get paid Friday (I know that’s a long shot, but crossing my fingers anyway).

“2012 fixed axle champion of all the world”, man! :wink:
… good times. amazing dudes.

Sorry Ed, meant the little face. Was that an award for you that year also?

hahaha no that’s DREW! same graphic as on the BarraDREWda! just a super cool gift.

$7 ?!? That is crazy cheap!!!

Got it today! Look forward to messing around with this ;D


Let us know how you like it. And which of the three configurations you chose.

Looking forward to hearing how this is.

Protip: The longer axle that’s included is intended for you to be able to use parts from multiple kits to assemble a wider/heavier yoyo.


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I was wondering about that. It also looked pretty good with the long axle and extra axle sleeves on the outside, like little nubs. :wink:

I actually emailed Drew about that on Saturday. I’ve assembled mine, but don’t want to throw it until I can glue it.

Steve do you know when it’s in a butterfly shape if you’re suppose to use 2 of the axle sleeves? The gap is a little wide that way, but without it the axle sticks out.

So I talked to Drew again, only use 1 of the axle sleeves. The axle will stick out slightly.

Been playing with the Moon for a few days now. This thing is REALLY light. I was a little concered about the small gap, but after about 5-10 minutes of play it wasn’t a concern any more. Stalls are perfect on it.

My only problem as of right now is controlling it, I’ve had a few fly away’s trying a Lunar landing. When I tug it to bring it back I’m pulling to hard. Need a light touch with it.

Thinking of buying a couple more on the next batch. Want to build one in butterfly but with the longer axle to add an extra side to the outside for a little more weight.

I’d highly recommend these to anyone that loves fixed axle yoyos, it’s a really blast!

I’m curious as to how the weight would compare with my maple Cheap thrills, I think that’s probably the lightest Fixie I’ve got.

Makes me wonder because the Maple Chea Thrills is so light, I only play it every now and then. The thing just gets away from me if throwing too hard or too fast.

No sure of the actual weight, I don’t have anything that can weigh it accurately. But with string on it, our analog mail scale at work says that it’s somewhere around 1.5oz, so around 43g.

Maybe someone with an accurate scale could weigh it?