44clash results. Whose got 'em?


I’d love to see results from 44clash so if you could post them here that’d be awesome!


I know that paili got 1st and Zach got 2nd in 1a and Paul kerbal got 5th
That’s all I know from Facebook
Oh yeah and Ben got 2nd in x division


Same :confused: and that Rei got 1st in x and Brian got 3rd in X

EDIT: http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=12346 Here they are! Full results would still be nice though



1A Division
Luis Enrique Villasenor
Zach Gormley
Marcus Koh
Hiroyuki Suzuki
Paul Kerbel

2A Division
Masakazu Yamasaki
Ginji Miura
Shunsuke Kawakami
Satoshi Yamauchi
Shu Takada

X Division
Rei Iwakura
Ben Conde
Bryan Figueroa
Yasuki Tachibana
Tomohiko Zanka

Luis Enrique and Zach Gormley beating the past 2 world champions? Worlds 2013 is going to be interesting.


well I stand corrected :stuck_out_tongue: for worlds 2013 I heard John anod is coming back too :smiley:


Worlds 2013 is going to be a huge surprise for sure. Cant wait! And these results are stunning as well!