4 yoyos at once!

http://youtu.be/jvCmyPX83TI feedback is appreciated

Thats insane.

Ive only seen 4 yoyos at once before one other time, and they were just doing corocoro

Sora Ishikawa posted a video doing double trapeze with four, that’s what inspired me to do this

Ive never seen 5 yet, will you be the first? :smiley:

all in due time :wink:



Thats Crazy Good Job

Have you ever gotten all four to come back?

yes, it was quite the struggle though

Keep going! This is awesome and inspirational. I want to see more!

more might come later, I have to practice for pnwr now

Whoa, that’s insane.

I can imagine, i once tried this. It was a complete flop.

O.O awesome!