4 questions

okay umm 1: How good should I be to try to join a team? 2:Which team do you recommend to join? 3:where do I join? And 4: Which yoyo should I get for my b-day? (G-5 or M1).

                Thanks u guys ;D :D
  1. You don’t really try to join a team, they will pick you.
  2. If you are invited make sure you love to use their yoyos.
  3. There’s no where to join, pretty much all teams are invitational.
  4. I would say M1 if you like small diameter and a normal shape, G5 if you like a large diameter, H-Shape and hubstacks.

For question number 4, it is all about preference. :slight_smile:

  1. As good enough for them to invite you.
  2. The team that you love that companies yoyos the most.
  3. They invite you on there team.
  4. If you like big yoyos, G5, small yoyos, M1

but how do i get them to invite me?

Get noticed. Do things to get attention, like winning contests.

if you want to join a team check this one out.

I think if you just make sick videos and get lots of views. Some people will notice you. There’s a lot of team leaders at every contest, make them see you, stand out and perform without flaws.

Well 1st of all, teams are nice, but if you mean sponsor teams where you have to use certain yoyos, dont spend all your time trying to get into said team, it can make your yoyoing not as fun cause all your time and energy yoyo wise goes into getting noticed.

Instead, just yoyo for fun, maybe join little teams that dont require sponsoring and whatnot.

Oh and I personally would go for the m1 :slight_smile:
But thats just me.

Good luck!


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