3YO3 Landon Balk and John Higby colab!


Hey YO!

Just finished painting the lot of these! Big thanks to Landon for making these and coming up with the mod. These have a unique feel and play great!

Landon Balk mod! PROFLY converted to “A” bearing, with Duncan guts, done silicone recess, and high walled, using Acrylic press-fitted to take up the hole where the wooden spool went. On top of this, FH2 style O-ring weights are going to be installed, so it will actually be of a playable weight =) These play slack and need a bind!

Available here…


There are only 20 of these so grab one while you can! They play super awesome, slack with a bind.

Here are some pictures…


Looks awesome. Bet they play great.



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