3A yoyo

Hi im looking for my new pair of 3A yoyos what did you recommend me and why thanks

Do you already play 3A, or are you looking to start 3A?

i already play with my duncan raptor and with my 888x but lets say its a little bit difficult with different yoyos

I think the easiest and cheapest way to go would be to get another one of the yoyos you already have such as a duncan raptor or 888x that you mentioned.

I bought the 4 pack of the Adegle PSG. I can use 1 for 1A, 1 for 5A, and 2 to learn 3A. You get 4 yoyos for way less than another 888x and for just a little more than another Raptor.

This is true. Seems like a great deal actually

Yes, I agree 100%

But I also love this idea, PSGs are pretty legit.

The 4 pack of psgs is definetly good for 3a on a budget. But if you are a pro at 3a get the duncan Exit 8
Link here:http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/341/Duncan-Exit-8