3A throws - Velocity?


So, I’ve been wanting to try 3A for a while but it’s kind of hard to bind with my left hand and whatnot. Also, I’ve been looking at a YYF Velocity for a while now even though I know they’re geared towards beginners, yet I like the fact it can be versatile. Would a pair of Velocities be good for 3A? And since people have been able to shoot the moon, how would they handle 2A?

I know the Velocity’s great for a beginning 1A player as it can grow with them, so I’m looking at this idea for 3A, something I can grow with.


I had a Velocity, but not a pair of Velocity.
Being a 3a player, I think that they wouldn’t be the best, yet they will hold up on some beginning 3a,( Scissor walk and Blue line rolls are examples). The Velocity is very light, considering 3a, the Velocity can do 3a, but it is limited.
Being a 2a player,(not the best) as well, I really couldn’t get a good shoot the moon, but I was able to pull a few off. Things like Hop the Fence and Planet hops can be pulled off easily due to it’s shape.


eh… the velocity is a little too unstable for 3a I think. and as far as left hand binding, I’d suggest just going back to beginner/intermediate tricks on here, and just practicing them with your left hand.


I think that there are much better throws out there for 3a. Such as the Protostar, the Northstar, possibly the Chaser, and maybe the dark magic. As the others have said before, practice binding on your left hand. Not like how you would bind with your right hand though. Just start out by pulling the string into the gap, then bind. This helped me alot. If you can, try doing a plastic whip on your left hand and use that to bind.

If you do try 3a, use these videos. These are the most helpful videos I have ever found on 3a.

Side tricks

Front tricks

Front and side tricks with possible usages


velocity is good… but if you can bind, i think the protostar would be a better choice offering a more stable and nimble design