3a Sparking an Evora and a Ti-Dream



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I cringed.

Probably the most gangster post of the year

I didn’t weep a little inside.

My reaction was, 'There’s an Clown getting 29 seconds of attention by deliberately Jacking up 2 perfectly good yoyos that many kids only dream of ever owning.

And to make the vid even dumber, the guy can’t even pull off a double dawg.

If ya want to make a good Sparkling impression at least get the trick down pat before you click ‘record’.

Good job, lol


ROFL. It was actually a bunch of us at the yoyo meet that decided it needed to happen. ANother guy and I both had Ti yoyos that were already beat for different reasons (I had dropped a half when unscrewing to remove a knot and it rolled and got beat up).

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Yeah man, it’s really too bad that the yoyo that that kid didn’t get and doesn’t own got hopelessly mutilated with no chance of ever functioning ever again. Baww for me would ya.

Who said the yoyo got hopelessly mutilated with no chance of ever functioning again?

I mean besides you.

Why even quote me if you are going to Say something that has No connection with the meaning of the quote?

Don’t mutt’r nonsense just to dawg me. You are barking up the wrong tree.

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Oh sorry I was using hyperbole because you were using guilt-tripping.

Hyperbole by definition is exaggerating something for effect.

Hyperbole is not completely distorting a statement I made. Nothing you said had any connection to anything I said.

Hyperbole: My suitcase weighs a ton
My grandmother is old as the hills
I have a million things to do today

And you’re a Moderator?


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Hey, look, over there, a yoyo! Run for your lives!