3A players help

Hello. Recently I have been trying to include pops into my kink mount combos and after entering the same position as patrick borgerding always does, I try to do the pops but the yoyo on the other hand just keeps jerking upwards. I also noticed that he does a keychain each pop, is that necessary?

Let’s see if we can get the man himself to help out. What’s a keychain?

I’m pretty sure a one finger spin from the split bottom mount

Still not exactly sure what that is. Split bottom mount would refer to a front style, like blueline, but the OP said kink, which is side style. I think you’re talking about what I refer to as ‘asian pops’ which is kinda the trick Hiroyuki made really popular, but in 3A. Is that the right trick?

Could you link me to a video where I do the trick? Then I can give you some advice!

The spinning on the other hand while the trick is going on.

Oh my. Hello.
Yes, the trick is Asian pops, but I call it pops since it saves me 2 syllables.
At about 1:08


For sure. I was confused because when I think just ‘pop’ I think pop n’ fresh movement.

I do the two variations in that routine, but the general idea is the same for each. I think the ‘keychain’ definitely helps, and I think I would say its necessary. It would be difficult to do without the keychain because it gives you a more control. For the pop-ing motion, you should use the momentum of the swinging yo-yo to help with the asian pop. The one at 1:08 is as little bit harder I think, than the one I do at 1:17.

It can also help to practice the motion in 1A, or with a dead yo-yo on the other hand.

Let me know if that helps at all. I can try to break it down more, but I’ll need to do that later today, or this week.

Ok, thank you so much for the help. I’m making progress so I should be able to do the trick in awhile. Thanks again.