Which trick is this?

Hi there! I am new to yoyo, I’ve just watched an awesome video of Hiroyuki Suyuki www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5-YryAimkY
From 2:24 to 2:29 Can anyone tell me what trick is this ?

FYI you probably won’t find an answer. It looks like one of his own tricks. It pretty much looks like alternating top/bottom hops out of like a 1.5 or something.

Basically Asian Pops variant to what I’m guessing is his own slack routine. Can’t tell if he is rejecting the string to create the slack or not because it is so fast and I didn’t take the time to really analyze it further.

Ive heard it being called japanese pops when it goes on the inside of your arm

just a variant of asian pops.