30$ for clyw hat.

Well, just to chime in on the very basics…I saw the hat in person at the YYE office this past weekend. I don’t own a single CLYW throw, but I was impressed with the look of the hat. I may buy one in the future.

I respect everyone’s opinion but with my own business ventures I have had people question my prices as well. What I don’t think is being taken into consideration is the quality of the materials involved nor the fact that no matter what type of business there is a need to make a profit. If the hats were cheaper, the quality may then suffer and we would be commenting on a thread about the poor quality hat being made from a company that is known for quality products. This is a niche market we are part of here in this community. Praise of a good product spreads far and fast as does good customer service. But, consider how much faster the word would spread on a blighted product. No matter what the situation we’re all human and unfortunately negativity spreads faster and is remembered longer than anything positive. Call it human nature.

All the yoyo companies have a relatively small market to contend with. Better to produce a high quality product at a higher selling price than a poor quality product that has the potential to ruin a business. Remember, many of us know the names of those who own these companies and have met them. If they lose thier reputation it’s not like they can put up a sign that says “Under new management” and go on with business. Unfortunately we pay the price for being part of this small, hobby market. If the market were larger we would see a drop in prices…,just simple economics really. Limited demand = limited supply = higher prices per unit.

It’s a good quality hat at a fair price!

I’d buy one if they had the antler logo.

I just wanted to make a new hat. Something different, that had the box stamp on the top. I designed the look of it. I think its fun. Plus we can use the same sort of look for our different models. I wanted a brighter colour since most teenagers I know wear brighter colours. It also sort of has that trucker feel to it too. I never got to design the first marmot hat from 2009, so I guess this was my chance. I love how it turned out! Plus our team members love it too :slight_smile:

Today you get 15% off. So a pretty good deal.

If you wanted a $20 hat, I would maybe make $1 maybe $2 per hat if we sold them through a store. So uhm, how do I justify even making them then? What’s the point? This is my full time job. I have a baby on the way and I need to make sure I can support my family.

Didn’t know there was a popularity contest going on. Sorry Jake if it comes off like that. I’m probably the shyest guy in the world. Its really the last thing on my mind. I don’t really like business, I just like making neat stuff.


And neat stuff you make. I am picking up my arctic circle later today. I want to say thanks in advance and keep up the good work. One Chris to another.

Chris, no worries. You have an amazing following. Getting my Arctic circle today, my first clyw. You can’t please everyone. Good luck with the baby and Congrats! :slight_smile:

Hey Chris I want a Hat that has “Dirt Bag Yeti Approved” on it ;D

haha me too! :slight_smile:

If you decide to make a fitted cap like a 59fifty, I’ll be the first to buy one. :wink:
Are you gonna be selling arctic circles at worlds?

I would say 30 is actually pretty cheap for that hat…considering how much hats can go for…

This is a great hat conversation,

I my self had two of the older hats… I say had because believe it or not … I actually traded them both for yo-yos, they were sold out at the moment. Kids might not have $ but they have yoyos lol

As for clyw yoyos … I can say that I have tried everything they put out except for marmot/markmont … Other than that … I loved them all but traded away cus I only like to keep stuff I buy or that are mint…

Anyways I still have my chief and avalanche !!! Waiting to hear what everyone thinks of the Artic circle. I’ll have one eventually.

And Chris … I had no clue this was ur full time thing… That is awesome!!! ( i wonder who else is totally all invested into yoyos, this could be a new interesting topic)

We all wish we can do what you do… So congrats on the new baby … And I think it’s great that you post out here cus you don’t have to … Your product speaks for itself.

As far as Yyr and TP goes … I can only speak for TP cus I had two and they are on top of my list of throws!!!

I want the old snapback 8)

You traded a hat for a galactic goose and a phenomzim…so lucky…still can’t believe it. :o :o :o :o :o

When he said he traded for yoyos, I thought he meant like cheap plastics, like a northstar or something. A galactic goose and a phenomizm for hats?! That’s the luckiest thing ever. haha

hahhaha adam you must not speak about those things

it started with a beat E1ns … which ended up with galactic goose and phenomIzm … but they are all gone now … i have no clue what i ended up with hahahhahah