3 Yoyos to Review-Pick 1


Well, everything that the title says. I want to make my first review, but I want the people to decide which one.


Why did you have to make the choices so hard…

I’ve never seen a review on the Sakura or a throw in the Zen series

Do one of those two.


Those were the two I was thinking of doing, but the poll rages on.


Haha, yea I guess you’re right. How long is the poll for?


For 7 days, but I may lock it short, as I may grow impatient. ;D


Same, haha and if there is a tie, choose the Zen 6, 'cause seriously the Zen series deserves more respect for their excellent throws


Definitely. I have somethiing to say about them that I will say in my review about them and it sounds pretty cool, so if it loses, I’ll just make 2 diff. reviews.


Dude? Why’d you have to make me even more curious?!


Lol, for the hype 8)


That’s just cruel. I can’t wait to check out the review though! I was gonna pick up a Zen 4, 'cause I LOVE light throws, but wasn’t too sure about it…


Well I hope my review persuades you, as Shinwoo really is an underrated company.


Chief hands dowm




i went with the zen 6 cause there arent that many reviews


Looks like the Zen 6 is first so far, with the Chief following it and then the Sakura. Dont let your favoite fall behind!




Hope everyone had a great Christmas! The poll ends tonight so you still have time to vote!


And the Zen 6 has won! Thank you for voting and I hope you enjoy my review!