3 months later- now with more fail!

Started yoyoing on December 26, 2014, so to celebrate the 3 month mark, I figured I’d throw a quick combo by the lake. I didn’t plan this or prepare in any way, so it’s not only sloppy, but shot from a distance on an iPad mini 2, so sorry for the quality.

But yeah, this is an average combo I practice with, nothing fancy, and it’s just a MYY N12 that I carry around with me :stuck_out_tongue: maybe I’ll shoot a better video later

I also have Eli Hops and Boingy boing at about an 80% success rate, just like I said, didn’t plan this video at all

Better quality combo up now. For some reason, I can’t get the quality above 480p. I should probably mess with my phone settings. But yeah, I just threw a quick “hardest tricks I’ve mastered” thing together, including a fail where I realize my roof is too low for eli hops, do a horrible bind, and then clock myself. Luckily, it was in the glasses, and only the frame, but it sure scared me for a second  ;D

anyway, that’s what I can pull off consistently at the 3 month mark

Man, that was a close shave across the face! I had theyoyo swing right into my elbow. Let just say, metal yoyos are painful.
Awesome combo man. I can’t wait till I reach 3 months.

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yeah, yoyos can be fairly painful ;D

Thanks man, 3 months will come along faster than you will notice, and you just progress at your own pace, I don’t really like to move on until I’m landing a trick 9.5/10 times, more or less.

I only stared 2 months ago. I hope I’m doing that well in another month. Really well done!

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trust me man, get the tricks down before you move on, quality over quantity. The tricks will go by though, you’ll struggle with some, and mow right over others, but it’s all about fun in the end.

In all reality though, I sincerely appreciate the compliments, and would even welcome constructive criticism. That combo wasn’t perfect, and I had plenty of spin left before the grind, but I was on take 15 and was ready to post a better vid! Lol, my original idea was a lot more complicated, and involved tricks I hadn’t fully mastered yet, but i figured I’d cut it short and at least not be super sloppy