3 month practice


Been throwing for a little over 3 months. Been lurking around here for about as long.  heres a few edited clips from practice today (I repeat stuff alot so i cut it). Couple little combos near the end starting at 2:54 .  I have no idea where i should be at for 3 months (feel like i should be doing better).  Any feedback is welcome. Thanks.


EXCELLENT 3 months! Wow.


I’d say you are doing great for 3 months. Thanks for the video.


Thanks guys. :slight_smile: Been feeling like a failure cause i cant get Magic drop and shockwave >:(


The trick is not what you can learn, the trick is not giving up on what you can’t learn.


It took me a LONG time to get magic drop, don’t worry about it, move on to other stuff and come back to it later.

(Owen) #7

im jealous of your house set-up haha


lol, Thanks. I built all that wood stuff. got a pretty sweet gaming setup under the bed.


Definitely gotta keep tricks you can’t do yet in rotation with stuff you can do. Sometimes you just can’t force it to happen but eventually it will.


Magic drop is like one of those muscle memory sort of tricks. It just has to be the exact perfect throw to make it work and then once you get it, you just have to copy that exact motion each time. At least that’s how I feel about it.


Wow, that’s 3 months? I’m at 1.5 months and I just only mastered the matrix! I’m only getting plastic whip correctly, like, 3/10 times currently. I almost always have my thumb loop forward when I land it

Gives me hope that it won’t be so long until I can get some of that stuff down


I dont work in the winter, so i have alot of time to practice ;D at 1.5 months i wasnt much farther than you are now. Every day i do each trick i know about 50 times in a row. Then i work on a couple new tricks for a couple hours. Just today i got eli hops down, gotta figure out what new trick to learn (magic drop is still a huge pain).

When i started i was trying to do everything at the same time. I didnt start getting anywhere till i decided to only focus on a couple new tricks at a time. Keep it up dude, practice makes perfect (or so ive been told) lol


the only part of the matrix I have a hard time with is the extra wrap around my non throw had for the second flip before flying back into a double or nothing

I only work on one or two new tricks at a time as well, any more and I feel like I can’t give enough attention to the rest of the arsenal and the new tricks themselves


Good progress!

I’m pretty much exactly where you are now… We’re even doing the same combos. Matrix, to Buddhas Revenge to the suicide to the bind lol.


Nice. I think those tricks just go together, easy first combos to practice. In the last couple days ive learned a few new tricks (finally got magic drop). Heres the new combo ive been working on, Eli hops to kwijibo to matrix to cold fusion to magic drop + shockwave to suicide to bind. I do it clean maybe 1 out of 5 times.


This gives me hope as I am now at 2 months of throwing now and after seeing your video I feel like I am not to far away. I am already combining chopsticks into a double or nothing to the matrix then cold fusion

Thank you for posting this video


Very nice sir! Glad you shared. Keep it up!