2x2 cheap cubes I found

I found 2 (black/white) 2x2 cubes on Amazon for $2.00!!!

I also found some others really cheap…

Go check it out!

I cant solve a cube, but I want a 2x2 especially for 2.00 hahab

2X2 was a nifty challenge. I couldn’t create my own solution for 3X3 (always looked up other solutions… I’m not mathy enough!) but I did develop my own for 2X2. That felt good. It was just hard enough to be fun, but not so hard that I got turned away.

People with a better sense of cube patterns and 3D geometry in general can probably make their own solution for it within an hour.

Learn 3x3 before 2x2

Well for $2 i want one even if I couldn’t do a cube :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if the quality is good…

I owned one. It’s enough to get you started, but if you’re actually into it you’ll end up buying a new one.

So what’s a good high quality speed cubing 2x2? I’ve been using a zhanchi for 3x3

A Dayan 2x2 is the best, $13 I think.

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I use the dayan 2x2, there are a ton of good ones now though, moyu has a 2x2 now, there’s the cyclone boys 2x2, there’s lots more

The big 3 that I see being touted most often as “the best” 2x2s are (in no particular order)

  • DaYan Zhanchi 2x2
  • MoYu LingPo
  • Type C WitTwo v1

Of the three, I personally like the LingPo the best, but they’re all really great cubes.

I’ve also heard that the Fangshi shishuang is pretty decent, especially if you have big hands.