2nd part of y slack

can anyone teach me the second part of yuuki slack where the yoo spins around

Its kinda difficult. When I get home, I will post a video tutorial here unless anyone beats me to it, because I am at school, and youtube is blocked.

Anyway, you have to swing the yoyo off the non throwhand pointer backwards and pinch then let go of the slack and let the slack swing around. A very difficult motion to master, but you have to do it at the exact same time, or else it won’t work. Make sure you do it all in on motion. After you do two revolutions, then swing back into a double or nothing, and pinch then let the slack swing over. Rinse, lather, repeat


you can do it already?wow in just 9 months of yoyoing you could do it?

I can’t get the part after you slack to the double or nothing.
for a tutorial, this is one I found.

Here is a much better video:  ;D