I need help on the trick yukki slack

Hey please help me
im stuck on the trick yukki slack
i need help on the slack spinning portion of the trick
please help
thanks guys

Welcome to the forum!

A key thing is to start spinning the yoyo the moment you swing it off and pinch. This will cause the slack to follow around. :slight_smile:

In addition, please don’t make more than one thread on the same subject. It clutters the forum, and its pretty useless. Thanks! :wink:

lol, he joined on September 19th…

I thought I had seen him in the chat before, so I checked. ;D

As Samad said, you need to start spinning as soon as you pinch. Hope I helped!

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when i was learing it was hard for me to get to the slack what helped me get the slack was by pinching the end of the loop not by puting you finger in the loop but the out side .