2A Yoyo Help?

Hey I really want to start getting at looping but I keep getting frustrated because my sunset Trajectory’s keep spinning out on me. Do you guys have any opinions on what the best 2A yoyo may be?

Never liked those. Sold the one I had.
Raiders are nice. Both the standard and the EX.
If you can find some YYJ Relics are nice too.

loop 900, one of the best looping yoyo

How does a yoyo spin out on you (stop spinning?) while you’re looping? If you’re just letting it sleep you can widen the gap a little to keep the o-rings from rubbing. I don’t know how they would spin out on you though.

I have 2 sunset trajectories and I love them. They should be more than adequate. But I tried the Loop 900’s and they’re fantastic; So customizable.

I think you should work on your looping, rather than get a new yoyo. I am also having this problem, and I find that changing yoyos does not help, as the same thing happened when I used different yoyos.

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Hmmm, I just keep looping. But your problem would be still here. What do you mean by spinning out?