2A yoyo help

Hey,I just buy a new 2a yoyo and it work really good but the only thing is it cant sleep.I want my yoyo yoyo either sleep and loop!Please help me!Thankss :wink:

It really depends on the 2a yoyo. Chances are, if it sleeps, the gap is a tad wide, and it will be harder to loop; but not impossible. There are yoyo with adjustable gaps you could look into. I believe the sunset was one (can’t remember), but there is also yoyos like Raider ex’s that have various spacers that allow you to make it loop better or sleep. At the thinest setting, it’s great for looping, and with it’s thickest it can handle some 1a tricks. I’d look into one with an adjustable gap.

You can buy the loop 900 it has adjustable gaps just wait

Thanks guys!