2A strings..

What is the difference with 2A strings to other Strings that other Plays Style/Division/Category :slight_smile: ?
(They are strings that made for 2A right?)

So how do they differ?
I mean in Material? (Cotton, Poly, or 50%Poly & 50%Cotton)
In What Sewing Thread is used? (the thinnest or the thickest?)
or how many strand of strings do they wrap each other to drill it up?

And another, what do they mean by “Slick”? ← I’m a Newbie. :slight_smile:


With Slick they mean smooth and slippery.That means that it glides on your finger.

I have never heard a 2A string.If there is one than it should be tighter.(String tension)

You sort the string by it’s material.

When they say slick, they mean 50/50 poly/cotton mix.

There are no standard “2a strings”, you can use whatever strings you want. Most people use Slick 8 or Type 8 Cotton, or type 6 cotton/slick. Poly is also sometimes used.

For 2a, there are left hand strings, which are twisted the opposite way that the normal strings you are used to are twisted. This is so that when you loop, the strings loosen, and not tighten. Some people find them nicer to use.